The choice of bronze is a tribute that unites Tudor to the world’s greatest marines, including the French Navy and the US Navy, who used the Tudor dive watches. This relationship was born shortly after the launch in 1954 of the first Tudor dive watch, reference 7922.

It is an alloy frequently used in naval engineering because of its exceptional anti-corrosive properties. A typical alloy of aluminum and bronze generally contains 4 to 14% aluminum, the remainder being copper. Nine, it has a golden yellow color.

Bronze is a “living” metal that can change its appearance and skate depending on the conditions to which it is exposed, usually blackening in a heterogeneous way. It took the Tudor research and development team three years to discover the ideal bronze alloy, allowing the development of a controlled, homogeneous and noble patina, with a black chocolate color that is specific to each watch, Reflecting the lifestyle of its owner.

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