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Art and luxury byword – Hermes watches appreciation

Hermes Arceau Le Temps Suspendu 38mm watches are not subject to the premise of time, bringing an experience of repose, the opportunity intermittent. Button on the case diameter of 38 mm, just press, at 12:00 hours of needle instantly stop. So from time to erase the dial, and the standard time of derailment, invisible at the same time to move forward. Press the button again, the time back on track, as usual. Real-time gaze locked on a small scale 24 seconds dial, vivid pointer round to run in a counterclockwise direction, with spectacular way mocking the passage of time. Pointer as ballet pirouette behind, hidden by a group of smart mechanism either love horses exclusive development, directing the movement of this watch unique complex functions. Movement has two patents ─ is itself a building structure, another is to reduce the activity of gears – is self-movement H1912 of the additional modules. Running time and suspend time mode with two column-wheel synchronized: one responsible for promoting the hour, and the other is responsible for promoting minutes. This feature allows 360 hours of time returning instantly disappear, the movement has failed to suspend operations. By fourth gear running in the opposite direction, so that the time without interruption advance, showing the movement of the operating indicator.

In the world, there are some simple material, in terms of artisans is a rich source of inspiration. Straw is precisely one of them. On the Hermes Arceau watch dial, watchmaker use micro mosaic art (miniature marquetry), in bright shades representative tiling patterns impressive. Straw is an extraordinary material: naked wheat stem slender smooth, usable parts need carefully selected. Farmland planted on a single plant species, tapping manual carefully, and then stained. After a series of stained soaked straw after drying, showing bright colors and detailed level, mixed low-light. Artisans will each straw color, shadows and fiber direction combine to create straw mosaics, became the pattern on the dial. Craftsmen silent on the criterion of the ratio of each part will be cut, in a small space unimaginable each assembly, remodeling perspective trick H Cube pattern – imaginative design, and Henri d’Origny pen Hermes replica watch has the same purpose. Geometric patterns on the dial, gold case with a diameter of 41 mm round for the framework, with irregular lugs, self-movement driven by H1837. Through the sapphire crystal caseback transparent case back, can peep the movement operation.