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In 1912, Cartier unveiled the ‘Mystery Clock’, an legendary manufactured goods amazed audiences worldwide having its apparently invisible mechanism and ‘floating’ hands. The simple truth is, your hands were placed on apparent, rotating disks, allowing the illusion of invisibility it absolutely was an inspired deceptiveness that made time incredibly well-loved, both occasionally.

Honouring that legacy, Cartier has released the (a mouthful) Rotonde De Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon. With this particular technically intriguing, notable and delightful watch, the organization has united states . two impressive feats of watchmaking: the Mysterious complication as well as the minute repeater.


Like the hands in the first Mystery Clocks, the tourbillon from the piece appears to drift free of all bonds in the window between 12 and 10 o’clock. It’s really locked in to a azure disc, which rotates every a few minutes, while using tourbillon itself turning everyone minute it seems sensible a very mesmerising display of high-finish horology.

As soon as repeater, meanwhile, is viewed most clearly at 6 o’clock, where two hammers strike gongs, chiming the hrs tuned for the note B as well as the minutes for the note D. This wrist watch was produced particularly to create the most effective acoustics for your chimes the 33mm Rotonde situation includes titanium, because the gongs are hardened steel, developing a effective and pleasing note. A flywheel, visible within the 7 o’clock position, keeps the chimes consistent in clearness in a single to a different.

This wrist watch is run by the calibre 9407 MC, a guide movement that’s crafted in-house by Cartier. It bears the Geneva Seal, and will be offering an electric reserve of 48 hrs. The Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon is fixed to 50 pieces in titanium, 30 pieces in platinum getting a gem set bezel, and 20 in platinum getting a pavé gem dial and bezel.

The unstoppable Tank de Cartier

After last year’s Tank Crash and Tank Anglaise, make way for the very masculine Tank MC whose 1904 movement already equips the Calibre de Cartier watch. The skeletonised version in palladium is powered by the patented 9611 movement which also equips the Santos 100.

The Tank watch has been by Cartier’s side since it was launched in 1917. The very first prototype, so the story goes, was made for General John Pershing who led the armed forces which the United States deployed in Europe during the First World War. Since then, the Tank has become part of the Cartier legend, inspiring countless versions over the course of its almost century-long history: Tank Cintrée (1921), Tank Chinoise (1922), à guichet (1928), étanche (1931), Basculante (1932), Asymétrique (1936), Must (1977), Américaine (1989), Française (1996), à vis (1999) Divan (2002), Solo (2004)… Last year, the Maison was in the spotlight with two new iterations, namely the Tank Anglaise and Tank Crash, an opportunity to chronicle the history of this iconic timepiece, not least in an exhibition staged at the 2012 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

Clearly the Tank provides an endless source of inspiration, as this summer Cartier is launching a new version, the Tank MC whose initials stand for Manufacture Cartier. Indeed, this new Tank watch, in its rose gold, steel and Fine Jewellery version paved with baguette diamonds, will come equipped with Cartier’s first in-house movement, the 1904 MC which already drives the Calibre de Cartier and the large Tank Anglaise.